American Tyranny: It COULD Happen here & How you can prevent it.

The 2018 elections will be the most important in decades. During 2017 the resistance has staved off some of the damage that a Republican controlled Legislature and Executive could have done to the public policy progress made over 8 or more decades of reasonably rationale politics. But the ability to damage remains until we reinstate the checks and balances built into our governmental system by taking control of at least once house in Congress, if not both, and ideally—in best case scenarios with veto-proof majorities in both. In order to do this, progressives need to ride the success momentum of 2017 and convert it to unprecedented electoral process energy and action so that progressive (usually Democrats) candidates can win every election possible. And Florida is one of the critical purple states to impact…and Miami-Dade County is the place for us to start making that change.

This RiseUp Special Event will convene a panel of local university constitutional law and political science experts, moderated by Fernand Amandi to educate us on how the few weaknesses in our Constitution intended to check and balance power could fail us and allow the authoritarian behavior of the current Chief Executive create the first American Tyranny. We will end with a clear roadmap on how to prevent that from happening.