NC Votes 2017

“What can I do?”

Since the election, that’s the question everyone’s been asking – especially in North Carolina, where we’ve recently seen seen rampant abuse of power by the GOP-dominated state legislature (see

This event is a simple way to make a BIG difference. It exists solely to remind people that North Carolina is having a special election in 2017 for many legislative districts across the state.

Why are we having a special election in 2017? Because a federal court has ordered us to redraw many of our districts due to the unlawful use of race in the last round of redistricting (see And new districts means new elections.

Here’s the big opportunity: If we can pick up a small handful of seats, we can break the GOP supermajority and sustain Gov. Cooper’s vetoes. Unlocking Gov. Cooper’s veto would bring an abrupt halt to the far-right freight train that keeps pulling our state into the national news in ways that don’t make us look good.

The key to winning those races is going to be getting out the vote, and this event is a simple tool to help do that.

Here’s all you need to do:

1) Join our event.

2) Share the event on your page (and re-share on your page whenever you think your friends need a reminder).

3) ***Most Important*** – Invite your friends to join the event by clicking “invite friends” on the right-hand side of the event. You can invite up to 500 friends. Even if they don’t join, they’ll see the name of the event and that will tell them there’s an election in 2017.

That’s it! Then, once you’re done, check out our 2017 Gameplan at for more easy, effective ways to lend a hand.