5th District Candidate Forum

Last November, Tom Garrett was elected to represent Virginia’s 5th district in the House of Representatives. Since that time, he has avoided his constituents, met with known white supremacists, voted to take healthcare away from thousands of Virginians, supported Trump’s racist travel ban, all while refusing to hold a truly public forum.

But in 2018, we will have a chance to elect someone who actually represents us! Three of the democratic candidates running against Garrett, Leslie Cockburn, Ben Cullop, and Andrew Sneathern, will be joining us for a public forum on October 8th. Join us to find out where each candidate stands on the issues and what they plan to do to defend democracy as our representative!

Got a question for the candidates? Submit it in the comment section below for a chance to have your question asked at the forum. We will also have some time for open questions from audience members.