Supreme Court Rally to End Gerrymandering

No matter which political party you support, gerrymandering can deny you your right to fair representation.

Americans of all political parties will rally at the Supreme Court to end partisan gerrymandering Monday, October 3rd at 10 am.

As we gather outside, the Supreme Court will be inside hearing Gill v. Whitford, which could stop politicians from manipulating our elections by drawing rigged districts.

You’ll hear from a cross-partisan group of leaders from across the political spectrum – plus special guests including some of the plaintiffs in the case, right after they leave the court!

Americans deserve fair, equal representation — and a meaningful choice at the ballot box. Unfortunately, partisan politicians and special interests have rigged the system to box out their competition and preserve their own power.

We’ve had enough. RSVP ‘Yes’ and share this event to spread the word.