ASU March for Science

Join the ASU March for Science! We will be marching from the old main and around the entire campus to show our support for sensible, evidence-based policy, and for scientists themselves as they are targeted by the current administration. This march welcomes all participants, regardless of whether or not they are a student at ASU.

The March for Science national contingent has condemned politicism. We disagree. Because of the ways in which science has been attacked over the past several years, we believe that the only way forward is to get angry, get loud, and become political. We believe in concrete demands. We believe in movements, not single actions.

In line with this belief, we are also marching to push ASU to divest from fossil fuels, for policy that prevents climate change, and for policy that implements sustainable practices across the nation. A full list of demands will be published soon. We believe that concrete demands, specific examples of what evidence-based policy looks like, can enact true change and push scientific fact to the forefront of people’s minds.

We feel that a local demand in conjunction with a national demand is incredibly important. Since ASU is a huge part of or city and a huge provider of scientific research, we choose to draw attention to any unsustainable practices and push for change. Despite the fact that we are a school that claims to be number one in innovation, a school that claims to be one of the most sustainable schools in the country, we are still invested in fossil fuel stocks. To top it off, ASU has strong ties with Wells Fargo, a leading contributor to the DAPL. We march against this reality in the hopes that ASU will make an effort to change it.

Over the past few months, science has been under attack. We need to show that scientists will no longer remain “apolitical,” that we are going to fight for actual change, and that science should no longer be stifled by politicians for their own agendas. Let it be written in history books that together we took a stand against tyranny! That together we took a stand for truth, sustainability, and the earth!