Citizens Climate Lobby Climate Solutions Worksop

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is hosting a New Membership Orientation for those interested in influencing Congress to act on climate change. Now it is more important than ever for citizens to stand up and call for action. CCL organizes, trains, and empowers everyday Americans to join in the democratic process and demand for actions that represent constituent interests. The new presidential administration and Congress is filled with climate deniers while the majority of Americans want action on climate change. We will not see that action without our very own participation.
Join us October 21st, from 10:00am-2:00pm at the Fort Smith Public Library (3201 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903) to learn about CCL’s history, culture and advocacy tools. CCL is just 10 years old and in that time we have grown to over 70,000 members worldwide, we have developed the 58 member bi-partisan Climate Solutions Caucus in the House of Representatives, pushed carbon pricing legislation nationally and in six states. These are just a few of the achievements CCL has accomplished by building relationships with our Members of Congress and demonstrating the political will for action on climate change. Demonstrating political will is dependent on constituent engagement.
You can learn more about how to engage at our New Membership Orientation, which will include inspiring and provocative presentations, group and paired discussions, a time in which we will learn to speak an issue, and a time to practice meeting with a member of Congress, all as a step toward having our members of Congress become champions for a sustainable climate. I’d love you to come to learn more and consider joining our group.