Earth Day at the Bay

Hi everybody! This used to be an OC/Santa Ana March for Science event. In talking to the local science community, we’ve discovered that one week later on the 29th there will be a People’s Climate March and we encourage you to participate in that event instead.

If you are looking for an OC event on Earth Day, we encourage you to check out Earth Day at the Bay, we’ve updated the event details to reflect that event. It’s a family friendly educational event with a scavenger hunt, arts and crafts, and plenty of exhibits.

Earth Day at the Bay

Finally, if you still want to participate in a March for Science Event, there is a large-scale event planned for Los Angeles.

There is also a group still trying to organize a Fullerton based event, their invite is here:

We’re so excited that there are so many opportunities to celebrate science and nature this April, and we look forward to seeing you at one or more of the events!