Broward and Palm Beach County: Pre-Artist March Meetup

Meet the organizers! Get Involved!
Broward and Palm Beach County Pre-March Meetup for All Artists!!
#ArtistMarch will have an information booth at
#KeroWACKED2017 on April 16, 2017
#Prepare #Protest #Resist
About #ArtistMarch :
We are organizing a worldwide ARTIST MARCH on June 14 and would love your support!
Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the American flag – a work of art and a symbol of vigilance, perseverance, freedom and justice. June 14 also happens to be 45’s birthday. What better way to celebrate that day, than with the “gift” of protest art!
The current political climate has awoken an irrepressible need in me and other artists/makers to take action. Inspired by the “Bread and Puppet” theater, I’ve been deploying my own “Props for Protest”. They’ve received a significant amount of local, national and international press. I’ve also been encouraged by the multitude of artists around the globe making their voices heard.
Historically artists have led the way for social change. We have the tools to inspire others and create the visuals of propaganda. The creative community is vast, diverse and intersectional by nature, representing every background, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, ethnicity, economic status and age. There are so many things we can use art to fight for – including health care,
immigration, minority rights, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, net neutrality and environmental protection. We can also use art to fight for the arts, as it has been announced that NEA funding will be cut.
While many individual artists, galleries and institutions are addressing these issues within the walls of the art world, I believe it’s time for us to take it out to the streets. If we stand together, who knows what our creativity can accomplish! I believe in the power of Art!!!
Painters, sculptors, photographers, street artists, designers, digital artists, curators, collectors, galleries, critics, museums, colleges, writers, poets, playwrights, musicians, dancers, performers, singers, composers, filmmakers and more. While artists will lead the way, the Artist March will be all-inclusive.
• Spread this message to your contacts – AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!
• Follow and share our & pages and for updates. Ask your contacts to do the same.
• If you or someone you know would like to organize an Artist March in your city, please email me at I’m looking for help in coordinating the Miami Artist March and for organizers to initiate marches in cities across the globe.
Thank you and let’s fill the streets of the world with art, music, dance, performances, etc!!!