Activist Training Series – Introduction to Activism

There are two sources of power in the political process: money and people. Since we will never be able to match the financial resources of our opponents, the Sierra Club must garner its power through recruiting, training, and empowering citizens. Our power is derived from our ability to organize the public on behalf of the change and solutions we are promoting and exert influence over decision makers to create the conditions that lead to change – to move beyond a reliance on dirty fossil fuels to a clean energy economy, to promote green transportation systems and better protections for people and places impacted by the effects of climate change.

Participants will leave this training ready to:

– Articulate your personal stake in combating threats to our environment
– Understand the influence of big, organized money and how people can come together to challenge these oppressive forces and build a just, sustainable society
– Identify as members of the environmental movement