Reflect & Resist

Along side the National Women’s March campain, 10 Actions, 100 Days, People for Unity has decided to host a comunity event suporrting one of their most recent actions. This event is a community forum wherein we will watch a series of short films (3-5 minutes) about the intersectional ways in which climate change and environmental degradation affect people across the globe. After the films we will hold an intermission and encourage audience members to discuss the films and write questions for our panelists. Following the intermission we will hold a discussion in which panelists will answer questions regarding the following topics:
-environmental racism
-US energy policy [domestic (think: Standing Rock, Fracking, etc) and foreign (think: the effect our energy policy has on other people, re. extraction and pollution)
-the state of the EPA under the Trump Admin
-the culture of consumption in the US
-threats to science in the era of Trump
-other global and local environmental concerns