Public Hearing on Offshore Drilling Proposal

The Trump Administration has announced plans to open up the Atlantic Ocean, including the Maine coast, to oil and gas drilling. This would devastate Maine’s coastlines, fisheries, and coastal communities. We need to protect our oceans from oil drilling – Mainers have too much to lose and nothing to gain from a plan that would expose our shores to oil spills and lock in decades more oil dependence and carbon pollution.

The event is set up “science fair” style, where you can learn from various booths provided by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, and submit public comments on computers provided. This format is used to put a damper on public opposition.

In order to ensure our voices are heard, NRCM will also have the Aroostook Room reserved in the Civic Center throughout the hearing to provide a display, fact sheets, and opportunity to give testimony on this dangerous plan. Please join us to learn more and give us your input!