Earth Day Walk For Science and the Environment

Defend the planet we live on! Join your friends and neighbors at the Earth Day Walk For Science and the Environment in Alexandria, Minnesota on April 22nd. We will gather at Calvary Church on 6th and Elm at 1:00 pm, then take a group walk through downtown and return to our starting point (probably about a 10 block walk).

Feel free to make your own respectful sign (please keep it respectful, non-partisan, and focused on science and the environment). When we return we will gather inside to continue the conversation and have some fun.

You don’t have to be a scientist to be a part of this march, it is open to all enthusiasts of science, the environment, the outdoors, a stable climate, wilderness, nature, and those resisting the censorship of and massive funding cuts to scientific agencies (from NASA to the EPA). This is one of the hundreds of satellite Marches for Science and other events for the environment on Earth Day.

We need you to volunteer to contact any groups in the area that love science, the outdoors, clean lakes, wildlife habitat, renewable energy, species preservation, earth friendly land stewardship, and sustainability to invite them to this event.

Any questions please email Shawn Olson at