Drop the Charges on the Stonewall 4

Update: Next appearance May 2nd 9am 4th to Part A courtroom

We Demand
Drop the Charges on the Stonewall 4
You are needed: May 2
9:00 am Manhattan Criminal Court 100 Centre Street
Sign the Petition https://www.change.org/p/stonewall4
Come to the Court House

“We were at Stonewall to stand with people against the first iteration of the inhumane “Muslim Ban.”
We challenged and connected people with the need to confront the fascist nature and direction of this regime, and that protest alone would not be enough.
We need to build a movement and drive the regime from power, and do so not just for ourselves, but in the name of humanity.
We were attacked for bringing out this message.
We have previously been stalked and arrested by the authorities, followed, and harassed by police and Trump fanatics.

At a time when this fascist regime is moving rapidly to consolidate its hold on power and rapidly reorder society, the stakes are dangerously high, and THIS CANNOT STAND.”

In our response to this arrest, we all must set an example, and set a tone for the struggles to come.

Whenever people come under attack for opposing injustice, they should be defended.

The Stonewall 4 were specifically attacked for doing what we all need to be doing in this period: leading and organizing others to confront the reality that there is a fascist regime in power, and moving heaven and earth to drive them out, in the name of humanity.