Weekly Impeach Protest: This Land Is Our Land

The January 18th Rise and Resist Weekly Impeach Protest will focus on the Trump Administration’s destruction of environmental protections, and the impeachable offense of Abuse of Power.

Along with the Sane Energy Project and Radical Faeries, members of Rise and Resist will represent the animals and plants, humans and Mother Nature herself in protest of Trump’s ignorant and illegal directives regarding the environment and climate change. The administration’s policies are developed with short-term financial gain in mind, with no regard for the future of life as we know it. It’s an egregious abuse of power, one that’s literally killing us.

The nearest subway station to the Winter Garden Atrium is the World Trade Center E, though elevators are out of service there due to long-term construction. The closest accessible station is the Fulton Street A/C/4/6.