OBX Climate Rally at the Ridge

Please join Stronger NC OBX in standing up for our climate, our environment, our community and our planet at the OBX Climate Rally at the Ridge. This event is held in solidarity with the People’s Climate March taking place in Washington DC on April 29th. We will march to the top of Jockey’s Ridge and send a message to the world that we care deeply about the Outer Banks and the many ecosystems that thrive here. We will march for our air, our water, our beaches and marshes, our marine life, and all the other animals and people that inhabit and visit the great Outer Banks of North Carolina.

The Outer Banks is facing new threats to the environment every day in this new administration. Please join us in showing the world that we will all fight to preserve this special piece of the planet. We invite you to bring your organization, church group, neighbors, children, pets and friends and to share your own messages as we climb to the top of the ridge. If you plan to bring a group, please let us know via email at strongerncobx or comment below.

The plan is to assemble at the edge of the parking lot by 9:00. We will begin the ascent at approximately 9:15. Once we fan out across the ridge we will pose for aerial photos.

Parking is at the main parking lot at Jockey’s Ridge State Park. Please consider carpooling to this event.

There will also be a literature tent where participants can pick up information about environmental groups and issues. If you would like to provide material for the literature tent please contact us at strongerncobx@gmail.com.

If you would like to volunteer to assist with logistics on the day of the event, please comment below or send an email to strongerncobx@gmail.com.

The ridge is handicap accessible. If you are not familiar with Jockey’s Ridge, it is a large sand dune and requires a beach-friendly type of wheelchair. Participants can also stay near the lower portion of the ridge if they can not climb to the top.

And please share this event with everyone you know!