Tax Day Rally for Economic Justice (UWS Cincy)

“I’m smart, I don’t pay taxes” (Presidential Candidate Trump, 2016)
Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump promised to release his tax returns “later.” But top adviser, Kellyanne Conway, said he wouldn’t release his tax returns ever, because the American people “don’t care.” Two-thirds of Americans are concerned he’s putting his interests ahead of the country’s. Until we see his tax returns, we can’t know for sure. Join us April 15 to demand Donald Trump show us his papers. The election may be over, but the question remains: what is Donald Trump hiding in his tax returns—show us his assets, his debts, his self interests, and his emoluments. We don’t know what we don’t know.

April 15, Tax Rally For Economic Justice. Activists across the country are rallying–calling on Donald Trump to act transparently and release his tax returns. United We Stand (UWS) takes over Fountain Square for a Tax Rally for Economic Justice. Our Northern Kentucky allies will march across the bridge to join us on Fountain Square. Indiana activists will be joining us as well, completing a tri-state alignment. Rivers and road markers do not divide us. United We Stand.

We are all in this together. Our taxes fund the government’s obligations to democratic society and infrastructure. More than Trump’s hidden returns- we ask: Is the President, his cabinet of billionaires, and the superrich- paying their fair share? Is our government beholden to corporate interests and mega-rich donors? Do they get more influence than We The People–especially women, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ-identified, and workers. We deserve a say in how our taxes are being budgeted- with so much for bloated military spending, the perpetual war machine, and mass incarceration. Our rally is a call to stop the Trump austerity budget, which punishes the middle class, benefits the billionaires, destroys the planet, and makes us second class citizens in a walled-off country. WE THE PEOPLE demand a voice in the budget allocations we fund with our tax dollars.

Tax Rally for Economic Justice.
Fountain Square. April 15, 2017, Noon-2:00pm.
Sponsor: United We Stand-National Women’s March on Washington-Cincinnati (NWMW)

Heads up: Cincinnati Reds Game @ 1:10. Arrive early for best parking.

11:30 Music calls us together- Our heartbeats- The Rhythm Sisters

12:00 noon- Speakers begin
1:00pm Featured Guests: Diedrich Jones and Alonzo Leggett from THE CLIFTONES
1:30 pm Speakers resume
2:00 Rally ends with Call to Action–

Contact your representatives:
1. End Corporate & Military Welfare.
2. Expand Social Security/ Medicare for ALL/Affordable Housing.
3. Raise the Minimum Wage, Fight for $15! Protect Unions.
4. Invest in Infrastructure/Green Energy/Climate Justice.
5. Subsidize Main Street not Wall Street. Hold Bankers Accountable.
6. Fair Taxation and Distribution=Economic-Racial-Social JUSTICE for ALL.

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