Cascadia Wildlands on HR 2936

Our public forests are home to important species, places for outdoor adventure, producers of clean water and havens from unfettered logging. Unfortunately, the Trump administration is renewing efforts to threaten our incredible public lands through the introduction of federal bills that would ramp up logging and undercut important environmental protections. The ironically named “Resilient Federal Forests Act,” is one such bill that would, under the guise of post-fire restoration, greenlight massive logging projects and undercut important environmental protections provided by the Endangered Species Act, the National Environmental Policy Act and other bedrock environmental laws. Now more than ever, public action is needed to let our representatives know that we oppose any bill that erodes bedrock environmental protections and threatens the future of public lands.

In this presentation, members of local conservation nonprofit Cascadia Wildlands will offer information about fire, forest ecology and the devastating impacts of the Resilient Federal Forests act and bills like it. Following the informational part of this presentation, participants will get involved in a workshop to make their voices heard in support of public lands.

OUR REVOLUTION LANE COUNTY is an ISSUE-oriented, trans-partisan, not-for-profit coalition of individuals from all across the political spectrum of Lane County who try to see through and beyond parties and politics. Our goal is to engage, educate and activate each other to get involved and do something in local city, county and state government to improve economic, environmental, racial and social justice for ALL residents of Lane County and the State of Oregon, regardless of political party affiliation, age, race, heritage, skin color, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, disabilities or economic status. Our Revolution Lane County is a Trans-partisan Coalition of People striving for Economic, Social, Racial and Environmental Justice.

We meet at 199 W 8th, 11am to 1pm. All are welcome to come and visit, have coffee, listen to guest speakers, and join in discussions and activities that teach us how to actively participate in a bottom up strategy for progressive change.

Our Mission is to ENGAGE, EDUCATE and ACTIVATE our community.

Come together and get involved

Discover and discuss current issues

Participate in a variety of ways to make your voice heard (Media, social media, letter writing, phone calls, actions, protests, rallies, canvassing, etc.)

Utilize the ORLC hub to connect with other progressive action groups in your main areas of interest

Learn how to effectively participate in politics (From voting to running for office)

This group is member directed. If there is an issue that is particularly important to you bring your ideas to the group! This is a place for sharing, learning, finding allies and developing ideas, strategies and methods to effect positive change on local, national and global levels.

“When we stand together there is nothing we cannot accomplish”
-Bernie Sanders