Montpelier Mother Up! Monthly Meet-Up

Join us in building solidarity amongst parents by taking action to protect the health and safety of our collective future. Continuing with this year’s theme of “ACTION!”, organizers from VPIRG will be joining us with an update on climate-related legislation, Vermont Civics 101, and Citizen Lobbying 101. This will be a great opportunity to learn about how to influence legislation most effectively. A simple vegetarian meal and childcare will be provided. RSVP helpful, but not required. Contact Géraldine Vatan for more info at

Mother Up! is a program of 350VT bringing together families to talk about the tough realities of climate change and to participate in the transition to a healthier and safer world. What Joanna Macy calls the “Great Turning,” or the third revolution, is this unprecedented time where we are called to stop the destruction of our world, to build new life-sustaining practices and ways of being, and to shift our collective consciousness. We especially wish to engage young parents in this vital discussion of how we can make positive changes to protect our planet for our children’s future.

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