VA Beach | Climate Action in the Commonwealth

Climate Action in the Commonwealth: An Introduction to Virginia’s Carbon Rule

Join Virginia Conservation Network — together with Sierra Club Virginia Chapter and Chesapeake Climate Action Network — for an engaging and educational evening focused on how we can work together to guarentee climate action in Virginia. Attendees will learn more about Governor McAuliffe’s Executive Directive 11 (see below for more information on what this is), how these regulations will affect Virginia, and how we can help make this a success together.

Background on Executive Directive 11:
In May 2017, Governor McAuliffe issued Executive Directive 11 — also known as the Clean Energy Virginia initiative — which directed the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to draft proposed regulations to reduce carbon pollution from stationary sources. By setting this limit, Governor McAuliffe made Virginia the first southern state to directly address climate change. Over the course of 2017, DEQ has been drafting the proposed regulations and will present them to the State Air Pollution Control Board for review and approval. This vote will happen in mid-November.

Executive Directive 11 was the result of the growing momentum of public outcry for government action on climate. This is one of the many important steps needed to tackle climate change and protect our most vulnerable communities from its devastating effects. Governor McAuliffe’s announcement started an important process to enact a carbon reduction standard for Virginia.

Though Executive Directive 11 is moving forward, our work is not done yet. It is critical that Virginians understand and engage in this regulatory process. These community meetings provide Virginians with the opportunity to learn how to do exactly that.