Queer Resistance – Mass Demonstration in Washington

With increasing calls for an LGBT march on Washington, DC’s Captial Pride Alliance has already appointed themselves to coordinate the event. Based on disappointing DC pride events in recent years, it’s likely that the National LGBT March will become a whitewashed corporate event that marginalizes LGBTQ people of color, undocumented LGBTQ folks, lower income LGBTQ folks, trans folks and women. The LGBTQ community deserves better.

I’ve already tried reaching out to the coordinating committee and my questions about people of color and trans folks having leadership positions were deflected and rejected.

This is an alternative. I am not appointing myself to be in charge in any capacity. This event will be for the people, by the people, and led by the most marginalized. Please reach out to me if you are interested in coordinating, building infrastructure etc. In this political climate, we don’t have time for the same old corporate pride events. I’ll be contacting local organizations in the coming days. Consider this a placeholder for folks who are interested in a mass demonstration of queer resistance that refuses to be whitewashed or coopted.

**Note: this is just an idea. The form that this resistance will take depends wholly on the ideas, strategies, goals and needs of DC’s most marginalized folks. Stay tuned for updates. We appreciate your support.