Divest the Globe: Mass Action Meeting #2

#DivestTheGlobe: Mass Action Meeting #2
Sunday, October 15th, 630-830PM
1919 E Prospect St, Seattle, 98112


Last year, the Dakota Access pipeline was constructed through the Missouri River without the consent of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. The banks that financed that pipeline are also financing Tacoma LNG, Kinder-Morgan’s Trans-Mountain pipeline and three other proposed tar sands pipelines that are incompatible with life as we know it.

That is why Standing Rock leadership is calling for a global day of action targeting the banks financing the climate crisis. (Check out their call to action & video here: vimeo.com/236236302)

In response, Mazaska Talks and 350 Seattle are joining forces to organize a mass day of action: On October 23rd, we will disrupt business at all 100 branches of the pipeline banks within the City of Seattle. Yup… all 100 branches of the banks funding new tar sands pipelines.

To organize these actions we will be hosting this Mass Action Meeting, where people will organize into Affinity Groups in order to take action.

What: #DivestTheGlobe: Mass Action Meeting #2
When: Sunday, October 15th, 630-830
Where: Prospect Church, 1919 E Prospect St, Seattle, 98102

Some of the actions will be noisy, family-friendly petition deliveries; others may involve sit-ins or working directly with our Native-partners; others will likely involve civil disobedience.

But to host 100 — 100!!! — actions in a single day we need your help!

At this meeting, we will be forming at least a dozen affinity groups to ensure that we are able to pay a visit to every single Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America and TD Bank in Seattle! Whether, you are prepared to engage in civil disobedience or not, we need everyone and there is a key role for you to play!

We hope to see you soon, as, once again, we stand with Standing Rock.

The 350 Seattle Team

* There is another Mass Action Meeting on October 10th, same time, same place. Activists need only attend one!