Indivisible March on Alabama

March in celebration of The Resistance and The 19th Amendment. INDIVISIBLE SUFFRAGETTE SISTERS are in solidarity of Indivisible Actions inspired by the INDIVISIBLE GUIDE. The date of 8.18 was purposefully chosen based upon the anniversary of the 19th Amendment, the right of women to vote. If you are one of 5,983 officially registered Indivisible Groups via and are interested in participating in the INDIVISIBLE MARCH, we welcome you to join us in celebration of our historical progress and the accomplishments of THE RESISTANCE. We intend to acknowledge the 97th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment in 2017 and beyond. Please help us to uplift Indivisible Actions across the United States, and worldwide, for the countdown to the 100th anniversary in 2020. We ask that you register on via the RSVP page to confirm your attendance. Participation is not limited to Indivisible Groups. All like minded NPO organizations and activist groups contributing to THE RESISTANCE are welcome to take leadership in organizing and participating in the INDIVISIBLE MARCH. WE THE PEOPLE are the INDIVISIBLE MARCH.

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