NEW! Quarterly Meeting

The Magic City Acceptance Project (MCAP) is a community collaboration of individuals who are interested in providing their insights and support to develop conferences and trainings, identify emergent LGBTQ community topics, and prioritize critical gaps in service to the LGBTQ community. We value your time as volunteers, advocates and invested community members and therefore, we have a new meeting schedule! Going forward, MCAP will meet quarterly, each January, April, July and October on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 3:30 PM. Subcommittees will continue to meet as often as needed.

Meetings are free and open to all so please join us!

In order to keep us all connected, we will send a monthly newsletter to all members. Anyone with information to contribute to the newsletter should email with flyers, Facebook events, etc. Information intended to be included in the upcoming newsletter should be submitted before the last Monday of the month.