Planned Parenthood Rally


Defend Planned Parenthood against any attempts to defund it! MARCH FROM PERSHING SQUARE — MAY 14TH AT 11AM!

As stated on the Planned Parenthood website: “Of the more than 74 million people on Medicaid, nearly 17 million are non-elderly women who depend on it as their primary source of essential health care. … For these women, Medicaid makes the difference between access to basic care — or doing without.”

One out of every three Planned Parenthood patients lives in California, and $260 million in funding to Planned Parenthood is at risk — which could mean millions of women losing access to preventative health care services like STD/HIV testing and life-saving cancer screenings.

Even though efforts to defund Planned Parenthood via the Obamacare repeal have failed, it does not mean that those fighting to turn back the clock on women’s health will stop trying.

We have chosen to hold this rally one day before Planned Parenthood’s annual lobby day in Sacramento (as per their request) to support their voices in fighting for our healthcare and our rights – today and every day.

Share wide! Let’s make our voices heard!

**We’ll have several grassroots organizations joining us in support, and update the list accordingly.