The Big O’ Gay Anti-Conversion Therapy Protest!

Just so we are all clear, San Diego will not stand by as these provenly harmful scam artists prey on LGBTQA youths. They are not welcome in this city and will be met with a Big O’ Gay Anti-Conversion Therapy Protest.

The story first broke here:

We will be looking out for dates, times,and locations as soon as the news breaks so we can mobilize.

Get your signs ready, get your protest gear set, and let’s show the LGBTQA kids we won’t stand for this!

If you have any stories about how harmful conversion therapy is and you’re in a space where you feel comfortable sharing, please feel free to share that here.

Please invite your friends. This must not stand.

Up Date!!!!!!
There will be a planning meeting this Monday open for anyone that wants to come.
4/10 5pm at 2436 Market St San Diego

Gossip Grill has also offered us a poster making space on there dance floor a week before the protest Tuesday 6/13 from 3pm until when ever supplies will be provided but more can’t hurt!

The conference is being held 6/16-6/17 9am-5pm
At City View Church
8404 Phyllis Place
San Diego, CA 92123
We’re gonna be out side that whole time.