Turning Movement Moments into Battlegrounds for People’s Power

Meet El Tee one of the #DefendDurham defendants. Hear them talk about #Charlottesville and how that led to the toppling of the Confederate statue in Durham, days later. And the vicious attack on these freedom fighters, by both the state and the right wing, as a result of their actions. And how they turned the attacks into victory, getting the serious felony charges dropped.
El Tee will discuss building a broader network of resistance to confront white supremacy in local communities. This includes raising the importance of the leadership of the most oppressed, building left unity, the role of the state, and strategies for taking movement “moments” and turning them into battle grounds for building independent people’s power.
El Tee describes themself as a “queer, gender non-conforming, southern smart ass”.
Refreshments will be served. Our space is wheelchair accessible.