Unlearning Patriarchy: making a zine

Join supporters of Red Guards – Los Angeles as we continue a series on unlearning or deconstructing patriarchy based out of the Ovarian Psycos headquarters, the autonomous anarcha womxn-of-color-led La Conxa.

Our goal for this project is to create a zine detailing how men benefit from patriarchy, what action (or in-action) do men partake in that perpetuates a societal patriarchal society, why this happens (a reflection on values given to us by society and our own personal values), and how we can rectify this behavior. We will be sharing some self-criticisms and go over how to create the unlearning patriarchy zine.

(If you are interested in this project we will be providing more details in the future. We will allow men to submit their self-criticisms from all over the country, if men wish to do so and see the necessity of it, but we will primarily focus on those that regularly attend these self-critcism sessions).


We will naturally go over the theory behind how patriarchy developed with colonization and capitalism-imperialism, and how it gets reproduced today, but this series will take a more intentional focus on micro-aggressions of how patriarchy manifests in our daily lives. One of the more immediate goals is for men to leave the event with a better understanding and framework to combat patriarchy.

The series is geared toward men, as they are often the principle agents of patriarchal reproduction, but all genders are welcomed.

Men, especially activist and revolutionary men, have an obligation to unlearn patriarchal behavior and tendencies. Activist spaces are not exempt to patriarchal violence.

While no prior understanding of terminology or texts is required, we encourage attendees to read the “Men in the Feminist Struggle” zine featuring articles by bell hooks, Andrea Dworkin and John Stoltenberg. (PDF download here: http://www.azinelibrary.org/zines/Men-in-the-Feminist-Struggle)