Muslim American Journeys: Preserving Heritage

Personal stories can be a powerful catalyst for change. MALA: Muslim American Leadership Alliance provides a platform for Americans of Muslim heritage to share diverse narratives that recognizes individuality. In a country as diverse and complex as the United States, the histories of Muslim Americans remains layered and contested. We all have stories to tell: stories that can be collected, conserved, and celebrated. The event celebrates this groundbreaking effort – and in the process spotlights Muslim Americans’ diversity, individuality, innovative contributions to mainstream American society, and assimilation as proud citizens. “Muslim American Journeys” provides ordinary Muslim Americans a platform to share their personal journey – and an opportunity for recognition.
Admission: FREE

This program is a part of the Chicago Cultural Alliance’s Inherit Chicago. Inherit Chicago is a city wide festival of art, ideas and performance at neighborhood heritage museums and cultural centers. Head to for a full list of events!