Resign Brannigan, apology rejected!

Join us, October 9th, as we continue to protest and demand the resignation of racist Palos Township trustee Sharon Brannigan.

Earlier this month, on September 18th, Brannigan issued an apology which confirms her wrong doing and racism towards our community.

Her apology letter states that she believes the “issues have been distorted,” our coalition remains firm in continuing to call for her resignation as trustee. She also states that she is “willing to meet with any Arabs or Muslims in Palos Township,” but she had every opportunity to extend her hand after the statements were discovered, and never did. In fact, she did the opposite, insisting that she had every right to say whatever she wants. This apology now is insincere and clearly an example of political expediency, and the coalition completely REJECTS it.

We will rally at 6PM and attend the meeting at 7PM to continue to make our voices heard, anything less of a resignation will not be accepted.

#ResignBrannigan #TakeOnHate #TakeOnHateChi