Improvised History

Improvised History is an entirely improvised show based on what we remember about US History. Tonight, we’ll be presenting two historically-themed shows! First, our long-running show:

An Improvised People’s History
The show begins with the audience selecting a chapter from Howard Zinn’s (in)famous A People’s History of the United States, which inspires the ensemble to create an entirely improvised play based around the events from that era of history. Famous and not-so-famous figures will come to life as the cast builds the narrative and tries its best to remember what exactly happened back then. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll probably groan at some of our awful puns.

and after that, our newest addition:

Improvised History: The Musical!
History seems to be really popular on Broadway – 1776, Les Mis, Chicago, and that other really popular one about Vice President Aaron Burr. Based on the suggestion of a historical event, the actors will improvise an entire one-act musical replete with singing and dancing and drama and comedy. Previous hits include “Teddy Roosevelt’s Boyfriend” and “It’s Not About the Size of the Bomb”.

Note on accessibility from the venue:

The Democracy Center is partially wheelchair accessible, no accessible bathroom on site. The Mandela, Parks, and Chavez rooms are accessible, but the Library is not. Wheelchair users are welcome to use the accessible restroom at Daedalus while we plan our improvements for bathroom accessibility. To reach that bathroom, exit the ramp and turn left on Bow St, at the next building (Daedalus) use their accessible entrance and their restroom will be on the right. More information at: Contact or 617 492 8855 as needed