Indigenous People’s Day Celebration March

Indigenous People’s Day Celebration March!!!

A coming together for Indigenous people and Allies in the area to honor and celebrate Indigenous People’s Day, our heritages, and traditions.

UMass Amherst has always had an established Indigenous community.
With the help from many Northeastern Indigenous Tribal Nations and Allies, we have been maintaining our educational and traditional spaces with each new generation of students & community members. Through our activism the Indigenous members of UMass Amherst has helped Western Mass become more aware of Indigenous rights and political struggles.

Please join us in celebration of our unique heritages, community, & the recognition of Indigenous people; not only on October 9, but every day, for we remain.


1:00pm-Meeting outside the Fine Arts Center at UMass Amherst, on the lawn in front of Haigis Mall (Fine Arts Center & Haigis Mall are the same place).

*Parking provided across from Haigis Mall at the Visitor Center* We will do our best to provide personal vehicle assistance for those who are unable to walk the full route*

We will begin our celebratory route around the UMass pond, past the hotel & Student Union, past Curry Hicks Cage (where we host the Powwow �) down through the pedestrian tunnel into the Southwest Residential Area, then up into Amherst Center. Once there, we would like to have a round dance, provided drums/hand drums are available, and we will end at the Chadbourne Dorm/Baker Dorm lawn (Upper Central Residential Area) for more social dancing/speaking/snacks. Ends at 5 pm.

*** If you can bring any snacks, drinks, food with you to offer at the social, it will be much appreciated.***