The Because Black Life Conference – 2018

REGISTRATION [$20] LINK: | Aug 18th 10a-6p
[We will still accept registration day of]


Powered by Join us at the University Of Minnesota Rarig Center for a gathering of Black joy as we work to raise volume in Black life for 2018 and beyond.

The Because Black Life Conference will be an amplifier for folks to lean in on strategies we are developing in Minnesota using our art, dreams, predictions, imaginations and black blueprints to cultivate the world we want to live in.

The Because Black Life Conference sees itself as an hub and incubator in organizing the next year of black life in Minnesota. The Because Black life Conference is where critical organizing meets education meets arts festival meets black joy. Through workshops we will hear from leading organizers, artists, dreamers, and healers in Minnesota serving as fellow architects in the work of building other black worlds. T-shirts will be available for purchase the day of.

Though this is a public conference some workshops may be Black and or P.O.C exclusive we ask white activist/artists respect and support this.

This conference will consist of workshops ranging on the spectrum of black joy – from the utilizing of trap music and Zines to get us more free to the ways we may interact with the earth to abolish borders in the rising police state – we gon talk about it. Come kick it. Why does this gathering exist? Because black life – matters.