More details will be coming soon about our local march which will include the time and location.

This is part of the worldwide solidarity marches happening with the National Pride March in DC.
Locally, Northern Nevada Pride CommUNITY Pride Parade, March, and Festival will still be on Saturday, July 22, 2017!

Get your signs ready. Stand up for yourself, your friends, your family and our community.

The Pride March in Reno is sponsored by Our Center and Northern Nevada Pride.

Update from National Event Organizers:
The outreach and response to this March is staggering and inspiring. What started off as a proposed March in Washington, DC on June 11th, has quickly morphed into a national movement, as well as a global one. Austin(TX), Portland(ME), Indianapolis(IN), Seattle (WA), Sydney (AU) are just a few of the cities who have announced solidarity marches. And there are MANY others who are in the initial planning stages around our country and the world.

For those who can not attend the March in DC, we URGE all our community members, their families, friends, and allies to reach out to their local Pride organizations to help coordinate additional solidarity marches. Use these organizations to help bring your local communities together. The issues that face our community are not just national, but local as well.

In short time, all the pop-up solidarity marches to this main Pride March page/

Let’s make this truly a “National Pride March” that spreads from coast to coast and shows solidarity through our Pride movement. Although at the pace we are going, we might have to change the name to the “Global Pride March!”

Finally…we want to keep building off the mometum and follow the leadership that Black Lives Matter and the Women’s March have created in this new era of activism.