Freedom Fund Awards Banquet

The evening is dedicated to honoring people who empower our communities to take a stand to create positive change. The theme of this year’s banquet is: “Affirming the Foundation: It Takes a Village.”

And that’s where your support is needed because it really does take a village! There are various levels of souvenir journal ads available. Souvenir journal ads and ticket order forms are attached for your convenience. Tickets can also be purchased on Eventbrite @

Over the past year our NAACP branch has been busy advancing its mission to promote health and wellness, educational, and economic equality for all of Charlotte. All families, neighborhoods and lifestyles are negatively affected when inequities exist – even if it’s not always readily apparent.

Proceeds from the banquet will be used to support our community empowering initiatives, youth programs, legal redress, women’s issues, voter rights, religious affairs, criminal justice and more.

We really appreciate your support! I can be contacted at (347) 683-0264. Should you have questions pertaining to ads or tickets, please contact Harriett Mendinghall at (704) 575-2451 or email,

Corine Mack, Branch President
Harriett Platt Mendinghall, Freedom Fund Committee Chair

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