NJNP Forum and Planning Meeting for Halloween

It’s been five months since a group of trans and queer DC activists took back pride and celebrated liberation in the streets. Come and here updates on what the NJNP Steering Committee has been up to over the summer and get plugged into organizing for our Halloween Action.

Forum Agenda (5PM – 6PM):
– Steering Committee Introductions
– NJNP Campaigns:
– – Bringing Pride back to it’s roots:
– – – – 1) Updates on putting pressure on Capital Pride thru their community supporters.
– – – – 2) Updates on direct Board Member negotiations.
– – Supporting Alternatives to Trans Incarceration.
– – – – 1) Updates on the Sex Work Decriminalization Bill
– NJNP Upcoming Actions
– How to stay involved.

Agenda for Halloween Planning (6PM – 7:30PM):
– Welcoming our Special Guests (the who, what and whys)
– Action Framework
– Breakouts to form working groups.
– Next Steps.

This event is off limits to police, media, capital pride board members and momentum theorists. The above mentioned do not keep our community safe so please don’t bring them.