2017 A Year of Struggle / Palestinian Resistance

The Party for Socialism and Liberation – Boston presents #LiberationForum: 2017 A Year of Struggle & Resistance & Palestinian Resistance.

All revolutionaries know in their bones “oppression breeds resistance.” With the election of Donald Trump as the 45th commander in chief of the U.S. empire revealed not only its decaying condition but ruptures with the capitalist status quo. From the struggle in Standing Rock to the defeats of US and NATO aggression on Syria, people are resisting imperialism and neocolonialism. Additionally, 2017 marked the centennial of the world historical Russian Revolution where the Bolshevik party led by V.I. Lenin established the world’s first workers state. Despite the imperialist backed implosion of the former Soviet Union and the betrayals from the height of the state – within the Communist Party, the 74 year history of the Soviet Union and the Russian Revolution have much to teach a generation becoming more curious about socialism as the conditions of life become increasingly unsure, dire, and deadly as Trump saber rattles with DPRK, Venezuela, and is seeking to support reactionary elements in Iran to foster yet another “regime change” operation. Join us for a discussion on what we can learn from the struggles of 2017 as well as the significance of the centennial of the Russian Revolution.

Palestine Resists & US Imperialism’s Terminal Decline

Ahed Tamimi has become the symbol of a new generation of Palestinian resistance. Despite her young age, Ahed has long been a courageous participant and well-known leader in protests against the brutal Israeli occupation. She has now been formally charged with 12 criminal offenses by Israeli authorities. This is yet another outrage that has been met with condemnation around the world as people continue to demand her freedom. Ahed has demonstrated amazing strength and courage while in Israeli custody.

The announcement that Trump would make Jerusalem the capital of Palestine, cut off Pakistan from aid, and potentially withdraw the US from the Iran nuclear deal spell the isolation of the US internationally.

Join us for a discussion on Ahed, the ongoing struggle for Palestinian liberation, and the effects of imperialist decay.

**Bathrooms at e5 are gender neutral
**Food and drinks will be served