Divest from the War Machine: Campaign Launch Summit

CODEPINK invites you to learn with us as we kick off a “Divest from the War Machine” campaign. Join us and a broad coalition of partner organizations for a day of examining the current state of the war machine (surprise – it’s thriving!) and learning the skills and knowledge necessary to use divestment as a tool to shine a critical light on the weapons producers that supply and profit from deadly hyper-militarism both at home and abroad.

Speakers include: Andrew Feinstein, Medea Benjamin, Vijay Prashad, Ajamu Baraka, William Hartung, Jodie Evans, Lisa Renstrom, Larry Wilkerson and more!

You must have a ticket to enter. An RSVP here does not guarantee your entrance so be sure to purchase tickets now: http://www.codepink.org/divest_launch


Friday night, October 20th
Shadow World Documentary Film Screening
Venezuelan Consulate, Bolivarian Hall, 2443 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20008
Cost: $10

Join us for a showing of the documentary Shadow World. This film, based on Andrew Feinstein’s book, The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade, takes a critical look at the business of war by examining the role corruption, greed, and illicit weapons dealings play in the global arms industry. The film will be released on U.S. television in November.

Saturday, October 21st
9am-5pm: A broad range of arms trade and foreign policy experts will examine the current state of the war machine, and divestment organizers will discuss what it takes to build successful divestment campaigns targeting different financial institutions.

Sunday, October 22nd
10am-3pm: Sunday will be a day of organizing and planning sessions. Organizers who would like to be involved and implement this campaign with their communities are strongly encouraged to attend.

Cost: Sliding scale between $15—$100+ ($15 for students, $25 for low-income individuals). NOTE: We want this event to be accessible to everyone. If you can not afford any of these price options, please email haley@codepink.org.

We encourage and can help you to hold similar events in other locations, and this event will be livestreamed so that other events can watch it.