Meaningful Movies @ Queen Anne

QUEEN ANNE MEANINGFUL MOVIES presents documentary films on the second Saturday evening of each month (there will be exceptions as needed) along with a forum for open community discussions. Our purpose will be to gather, educate, advocate, build meaningful and sustainable community, defend justice and work for peace. We are an all-volunteer, community-owned organization, and are not religiously or politically affiliated.

Why is Now the Time?
We’ve seen enough to know that insurance-based healthcare is not effective for keeping costs down and giving everyone access to needed medical care.​ Advocates are totally committed to changing the healthcare system, and polls indicate that the general public supports the idea of universal healthcare. So it should be a no-brainer, right? Well, no. Some of the obstacles are obvious. Big money. Fear of government. But there seems to be something more, like a fog that keeps people from moving forward together. What is so difficult about the idea of looking after each other? This film intends to expose the fog, and will leave viewers examining what it means to be an American and what it takes to step into action.