Activist Training Series – Power: How to Build It, How to Use It

Campaigns are by definition focused on an outcome – on achieving a visionary goal that will be a real, concrete change from the status quo. We take campaign planning seriously in the Sierra Club. The reasons we take it seriously include: (1) it is our roadmap to success; (2) it lays out expectations, makes assignments and deadlines; (3) it is a process that involves key “stakeholders” in our effort, ensuring their in-put and buy in; and (4) it gives us a way to define and measure our success so that we can learn from what we do and be more and more successful over time. Achieving a long-term vision may take decades. Campaigns need to estimate and project how progress will be made step-by-step to reach short- and medium-term milestones.

Participants will leave ready to:

– Create very clear, measurable campaign goals and outcomes
– Accurately identify campaign targets (who has the power to grant your goals) and a strategy to influence them
– Determine which tactics will engage large numbers of people in organized ways to put pressure on targets to grand your demands