Resistance Town Hall – NE District 1

Senator Fortenberry’s Town Hall left citizens feeling dissatisfied, unheard, and frustrated. He’s guilty of voting blindly along party lines, and profiting from corporate greed while turning his back on his constituents. Let’s end political corruption and find a candidate who represents the people of district 1. The Resistance Town Hall will focus on starting a grassroots campaign to elect a better representative for District 1 in 2018.

Goal: Get to the heart of what constituents in CD1 want in a representative, why they are currently dissatisfied, and provide resources to achieve goals (CD1 success).

Tenative Agenda:
Handout CD1 Constituent Survey
Presentation – Hosted by Suzannah Rogan
-District Background
-Campaign Funding in CD1
-Grassroots Campaigning – 5 simple steps
Town Hall style statements from attendees (express your dissatisfaction)
Handout Fortenberry Facts (voting record, and postcards)
Form your coalition (meet and great with all in attendance)