People’s Climate March Flotilla

Exciting news for the Hudson Valley ~ March on! New Paltz and The Sierra Club are presenting a march on the Walkway Over the Hudson April 29th from 1-4; a sister march to the People’s Climate March being held in DC that same day.
The vision for THIS gathering: PCM FLOTILLA, is that it is designed to work in conjunction with the People’s Climate March (PCM)
PCM FLOTILLA = people in their kayaks and canoes to be representatives of the water while being in the water.
Stay tuned for art/sign/banner making party dates so we can make our message visible/send a clear message: Water Is Life!

Here is information on the 2 closest boat launch sites (west/east):
West side via the Bob Shepard Landing Park in Highland NY > < On the east side of the Hudson River you can use Waryas Park, City of Poughkeepsie Dutchess County >< Feel free tp plan a bigger excursion and launch from a site further north or south; The Hudson River Greenway is a great site for planning any kind of water excursion up or down the Hudson River as well as a great resource for safety guidelines, itinerary, maps etc.><

Safety Info: The Hudson is a complex river with many factors for a paddler to consider. Tides, wind, currents, commercial ships and large, fast recreational boats, and unpredictably swift weather changes can quickly turn a pleasant outing into a potential tragedy. We strongly recommend that you educate yourself about the river before launching any watercraft.
Paddlers must carry all appropriate safety gear. Kayaks and canoes are very difficult for other mariners to see. Keep an eye out for power boats and other fast moving watercraft. Ocean-going ships and tugboats with barges navigate a winding shipping channel marked by U.S. Coast Guard-maintained buoys. Avoid the channel, or cross it at right angles if necessary. See for safety information and NOAA for tide and current information.
We recommend that you always wear a PFD (personal floatation device) when you are on or near the water. It can save your life!