Let’s Fix This: A Day at the Capitol for Regular Folks

This is a day for regular folks like you and me to take some time off of work and actually meet face-to-face with our state legislators about whatever issues you care most about. Maybe you spent 2017 complaining about stuff on social media and now you’re ready to have those conversations in person. The state budget shortfall seems to be the issue at the top of most people’s lists, but you are welcome to talk to your legislators about whatever issue it is that matters most to you. This day is about YOU – the voter, the citizen, the Oklahoman who cares enough to get up and come down to the State Capitol in person. Your voice matters, and we want to help you meet the people who were elected to listen.

Now, please know that this isn’t a rally…it’s more of a group outing. If you’ve never been to the Capitol before, that’s totally fine. Most people haven’t, and that’s why we’re here. We will go with you to the offices. Heck, if you’re nervous we can hold hands or something. There might only be 50 people that show up…or maybe it’ll be 100 or 200. Or, heck, maybe this crazy idea of having face-to-face conversations with the men and women who are paid to represent us will catch fire and we’ll have 5,000 people show up. That would be pretty amazing. (Don’t worry, we can still all hold hands. We’re all in this together.)

Remember this: Decisions are made by people who show up. That means showing up to vote during elections AND showing up at the Capitol to build relationships with the men and women who represent us.

9:00am Meet & greet as a group (2nd floor, Blue Room)
9:15am A few legislators will speak to the group
10:00am Visit legislators’ offices / observe House & Senate if they’re in session
12:00pm Lunch on your own
1:30pm Visit legislators’ offices / observe House & Senate if they’re in session, and then leave whenever you’d like.
3:00pm (or whenever) Leave whenever you’d like!

Park in the South Lot (the big lot in the middle of Licoln Blvd where the tall oil derrick is) or in the East Lot (due east of the Capitol, next to the Governor’s mansion).

Enter through the south or east entrance, proceed through security, and then up to the 2nd floor to the Blue Room. If you’re new, just look for people wearing the big red Let’s Fix This buttons to help guide you.

You can expect a bunch of regular folks just like you, most of whom have never done this kind of thing, but who care deeply for the future of this great state. You can expect a lot of smiles and name tags and bright red “Let’s Fix This” buttons, because we’re all in this together and we want our legislators to know who we are. You can expect to meet some new people and have some conversations. It’ll be relaxed and fun and probably really interesting.

And at the end of the day, you can expect to feel ridiculously awesome because you did something that the other 4 million people in this state didn’t have the courage to do – you showed up. As an added bonus, you’ll probably also make some new friends.

1. First of all: don’t be nervous. Everyone is always nervous about talking to their representatives, but remember: they work for YOU. In fact, if you want to be technical, you own the building!

2. Find out who your representatives are. You can do so online by entering your address here: http://www.oklegislature.gov/FindMyLegislature2.aspx?Address&Address2&City&Zip

3. Find your words. Decide which issues are most important to you., describe your connection to the issue, and what solutions to the problem you support. Here’s a form to help you: https://letsfixthisok.org/s/letter-to-my-legislator.pdf

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