Alternative Correspondents Dinner — UNITE AGAINST DONALD TRUMP!

Howdy folks, hold on to your pants because Donald Trump is gonna pee himself. We welcome everyone to come rally with us at Delaware&Wallace Park (the sign says Vartan), 7th and Maclay Street in Harrisburg PA. This is a potluck event and your organization can bring a table. We are here for quite sometime so bring a lawn chair or a blanket.

We are going to be approximately two blocks away from the Farm Show Complex where the Donald is going to be speaking. Their doors open at 4pm, but you wanna be here early so come play in the field with us.

The convergent encampment at the park will be advised as a G rating for general and all family audiences! Thank you for your interest in attending, if you would like to promote your group please send us a message!

Thank you, and solidarity, these are tough times for many of our most vulnerable. Bring all your friends!