State of Young Philly: Ward Politics 101

What is the first and best way to get involved in local politics in Philadelphia? Running for a commiteeperson seat in your ward.

The past year has seen an explosion of interest among young-ish people in grassroots political organizing, and this event aspires to point some of that energy at the smallest, most winnable elections that matter: the 2018 committeeperson races.

Ward committee people are the political block captains of the local Democratic and Republican parties. Committeepeople represent their immediate neighborhoods–think two or three square blocks–and are elected every four years. The next ward committee election is May 2018.

Attendees will learn about why ward organizations still matter, some practical tips for planning and winning a scrappy local campaign, and how to do the job well and make a difference in your community after you win,

Presenters include:

Dave Davies (WHYY)
Jen Devor, (36th Ward Committeeperson)
Felicia Harris, (Influencing Action Movement)
Anthony Bellmon (61st Ward Committeeperson, Millennials in Action)
Ted Smith (44th Ward Committeeperson, Millennials in Action)