Indivisible Tacoma Feature Meeting

Under a Trump administration, states are going to be shouldering more of the burden for providing many of the things that make for thriving communities — things we often take for granted.

But here in Washington State, you may be surprised to know that we have the most regressive tax code in the country! Middle class families are paying 7 times more than our wealthy corporations. This workshop will give you insight into the depth of the problem, and what needs to be done. Here’s one video to give you just a little taste of what we’ll be learning about:

Accessibility: The meeting room at TUUC is accessed through the front door by two short flights of stairs (one to reach the front door, and one between the front door and the meeting room). There is wheelchair ramp access through a side door at the southeast corner of the building. One gender-neutral, disabled-access restroom with grab bars is located on the same level as the meeting room. There is a semi-private room adjoining the meeting space which is available if attendees need a quieter area. Service animals are welcome.