Protect Pregnant Hoosiers: Oppose SB203

The Indiana General Assembly is once again hearing a bill that will harm pregnant Hoosiers. The people pushing this bill won’t call it that, but make no mistake, SB203 is about fetal personhood. It strips pregnant Hoosiers of THEIR personhood and bodily autonomy. SB203 criminalizes the destruction of a fetus at any stage of development and widens our already existing feticide laws by not having an exception for the pregnant person. Additionally, its unclear language could have a chilling effect on Hoosiers’ access to fertility treatment. SB203 is not only redundant, it is also terrifying considering Indiana’s history of incarcerating people with poor pregnancy outcomes.

Read the full bill:

The Corrections and Criminal Law Committee will be hearing SB203 on Tuesday, January 23rd at 9:30am in Room 130. Indy Feminists will be testifying against SB203. Let’s pack the committee room and let our numbers make another statement about our opposition to this bill.

More information on Tuesday’s Corrections and Criminal Law Committee Meeting:

For those who are unable to attend in person, please call the committee members and let your opinions be known!

Chair, Senator Michael Young, Assistant Shannon Ford: 317-232-9517
Author of SB203, Senator Aaron Freeman, Asst. Katelyn Doering: 317-232-9490
Senator Mike Bohacek, Asst. Lawrence Hemphill: 317-232-9541
Senator Rodric Bray, Asst. Kayla Caviness: 317-232-9840
Senator Susan Glick, Asst. Alex Zimmerman: 317-232-9493
Senator Eric Koch, Asst. Whitney Wampler: 317-234-9425
Senator Timothy Lanane, Asst. Emma Keys: 317-232-9427
Senator Greg Taylor, Asst. Andrew Merkley: 317-232-9432
Senator James Tomes, Asst. Cody Smith: 317-232-9414

Just as a reminder, you won’t be speaking directly with the Senators but rather their Legislative Assistants. Please use your best phone manners.

“Hello, my name is ________________. I’m calling today to register my opposition to SB203. This bill take the state’s already existing language around crimes resulting in the loss of a viable pregnancy and applies it to a fetus in any stage of development. This language is a back door way to introduce fetal personhood in Indiana. SB203 opens the door to the further criminalization of pregnant Hoosiers, and could have a chilling effect on Hoosiers’ access to fertility treatment.

I’m asking you to protect pregnant Hoosiers, and those who want to become pregnant and oppose this bill.”