SURJ KC Families: Documentary Screening at Uzazi Village

In lieu of a January SURJ KC Families meeting, we would like to encourage our SURJ Family participants to join us at Maternal and Infant Mortality Screening Event hosted by Uzazi Village. (Note: Pls complete the RSVP form in THEIR event invite). The disparities in health and life outcome experience by People of Color in the USAmerica begin [long] before birth. The only way that we can effectively fight white supremacy and be actively anti-racist is to have a complete understanding of the systemic oppression in which we participate. Starting here. Starting now.

Uzazi Village is a space created to center families of color. They encourage white folks to attend their education events and we appreciate their candid teaching. Please remember that this is not a space for white tears, guilt, etc. We are there to learn about our roll in perpetuating racism so that we can own up to our responsibility to stop it.

We hope to see many SURJ folks at the screening and discussion.