2nd-Annual State of the Uterus

STATE OF THE UTERUS* (*uterus not required) is our annual party for progress; together, we raise money for nonprofits invested in reproductive justice, menstrual health and community health, while dancing our butts off and learning about local politics.

At our 2017 State of the Uterus, we raised $6500 for five nonprofits and celebrated with a lineup of all-babe DJs, a stellar raffle, tarot, herbalism and a community saging. On top of the party, we curated a local politics rundown from some of Austin’s most impactful organizers and launched the Austin Chapter of We Are: Happy Period, collecting and redistributing more than 1,000 pads and tampons.

This year, we want to raise $8,000 and we think we can do it with your help. On Jan. 26 at Cheer Up Charlie’s, we’ll raise our glasses to another year of hustling for effective, positive change in our communities, while making money moves for ourselves and four other vital community-based nonprofits.

Here’s the full list of 2018’s beneficiary organizations:
Community Restoration Project by Counter Balance: ATX
Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas
Survive2Thrive Foundation
Homeless Period Project ATX
#bossbabesATX (that’s us!)

THIS IS THE STATE OF THE UTERUS. SHE IS THE BEGINNING MIDDLE AND END. SHE IS NOT EVEN A SHE. SHE IS US. And for $5, you turn fun into FUNdamental rights (THIS EVENT’S ALL ABOUT THE PUNS, Y’ALL). Get your ticket and bring all of your friends: http://www.bossbabes.org/events/2018/1/26/2nd-annual-state-of-the-uterus-a-party-for-fundamental-rights

We are adding speakers, performances and activities all the way up until Jan. 26. Want to be a part of this event? We will do our best to make that happen: thebabes@bossbabes.org

Performances by:
Dj Kay Cali
GirlFriend ATX
Chulita Vinyl Club
Qi Dada Ras
Emerging Satire Poetress Becca Hyatt

Speakers include:
Fatima Mann and Kristina Brown with Counter Balance: ATX
Courtney Santana with Survive2Thrive Foundation
Lamanda Ballard with the Homeless Period Project ATX
#bossbabesATX (that’s us!)
Texas Reproductive Rights
Leandra Blei and Maria Milner with Voces Tejas
Alexa Garcia-Ditta, currently at NARAL Pro-Choice Texas

Activities by:
Community Saging with Melanie Collins
Zine-making with Book Woman
Tarot with La Mystica Tarot
DIY Smudge Sticks with Art and Soul Design
Period-Kit Packing Party Station with Homeless Period Project: ATX
Braids, buns and haircuts by BEX Beauty with a portion of proceeds to Planned Parenthood
Art + Activism Wheat Pastes with HIVE Arts
Community Activity with Keep Austin Queer
Information table with Mama San Vibrant Woman
Nonpartisan Volunteer-led Voter Registration Table
Herbal readings with White Deer Apothecary

Resistance Market, featuring:
The F Word Gift Shop
The Wednesdays Art
Peach Fuzz magazine
Yocelyn Riojas
Finery Elaborate Adornments
Zanny Adornments
Las Ofrendas
Viv Wellness
Nspire Change

DTFeminist Photobooth:
We’re excited to welcome our new partners OkCupid who’ll be at the SOTU photo booth with temporary tats, limited edition screen printed posters & more in celebration of being DTF (where OkCupid lets you define the “F”). Stop by on Jan. 26!

SOTU Contest:
Funniest political tee* will receive a complimentary #bossbabesATX T-shirt. View the line at bossbabes.org/shop
*To be judged by audience; tees that condone threats/non-hypothetical violence, i.e. smash the patriarchy is OK/hate speech/etc. are disqualified.


Tickets are $5 and available pre-sale and at the door: http://www.bossbabes.org/events/2018/1/26/2nd-annual-state-of-the-uterus-a-party-for-fundamental-rights
Your ticket is evenly split between all five benefitting nonprofits.


About #bossbabesATX, the producer: Through our programming, we hope to foster community, conversation and commerce around women in creative industry and the arts and women-owned businesses. Our productions center on personal and professional development, activism, the arts, entrepreneurialism, and community infrastructure. We believe intersectionality, informed decision-making, sharing professional resources and actively advocating for women’s rights and the rights of marginalized peoples are inherently valuable and beneficial. Learn more about our programming and mission at bossbabes.org/why. Our events prioritize the voices of self-identifying women and non-binary folks. We are not gender-discriminant; all are welcome to attend.

This production has been made possible in part by the LINE ATX.

About Cheer Up Charlies, the venue: CUC is an ambiguous space-for-everybody bar. They’re known for LGBTQIA & friends hangout/music/art/dance parties.