Statewide Immigrant Travel Advisory Announcement- PALM BEACH


WHEN: February 14, 12 PM
WHERE: Greyhound Bus Station: 205 S Tamarind Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

We are coming together to uplift the necessary protection of our immigrant communities and to emphasize we are not going to stop fighting against a white supremacist agenda. YOU ARE THE ALLIES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! WE NEED YOU THERE!!

From elected officials, counties and municipalities cowardly cooperating with the deportation machine destroying our communities and families, to recent news of terrorism towards people of color traveling to Florida, to the persistently courageous actions all over this county fighting back, there are untold numbers of ways FOR YOU to help and get on the side of JUSTICE.

JOIN US as we discuss RESISTING TOGETHER and beating back the white supremacist onslaught.

It’s Valentine’s Day! Love is Protection: Show your love for the immigrant community!