All Out to Stop Oswaldo’s Deportation This Thursday: Freedom and Asylum Now for Oswaldo Ramos

Press Conference and Rally at 8:00am,
then attend
Oswaldo’s Asylum Hearing
Judge Jebson’s Courtroom
Downtown Federal Building
447 Michigan Ave. (corner of Michigan and Cass)

*Defend DACA!
*Make Detroit a Real Sanctuary City!
*Trump Must Resign or Be Removed!
*Take Action to Stop ICE Raids and Deportations!
*Stop Deportation of Iraqi Refugees!
*Full Citizenship Rights Now for ALL Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers! Open the Borders!

Oswaldo Ramos fled to the United States in April, 2014, from Malacatan, San Marcos, Guatemala when he was 15 years old. Oswaldo is one of thousands of young people from Central America who made the dangerous trip on his own to flee gang violence, drug wars, kidnapping, death and persecution and seek freedom and asylum in the U.S. When he got to Detroit he attended Western High School and began making his fight alongside BAMN organizers and attorneys both for his own right to asylum and for the equal rights of other young refugees seeking to find safe harbor in Detroit and around the country. In 2015, he won a status that protected him from deportation and put him on the road to getting his green card.

Oswaldo fled his home after being badly beaten and his life threatened by gang members. He faces persecution and certain death if he is returned to Guatemala, where the situation has become even worse since he left. Because of this, he would not have been targeted for deportation – until Trump. In July, Trump decided to reopen the cases of young people like Oswaldo who have had a protected status, and ordered I.C.E. raids targeting young people who fled to the U.S. as unaccompanied minors.

Trump’s attack on DACA and other young immigrants like Oswaldo is his latest desperate attempt to show his racist supporters that he can carry out mass deportations. Immigrant bashing is the only real strength of the Trump regime, but it’s also Trump’s greatest weakness. It is the only issue that can tear him down as quickly as it built him up. And so far he is failing because of the strength of our movement. Despite making more arrests, Trump has succeeded in deporting fewer people than Obama did. Now is the time to deal the final blow that can defeat Trump and stop all deportations.

The targeting of young people with protected status, now including DACA, comes after Trump’s last failed attempt on June 11 to round up and quickly deport hundreds of Iraqi refugees to their deaths. The response of mass militant action of the family members, BAMN and other community members that blocked the ICE prison buses for an hour from leaving the Mt. Elliott ICE office, has meant that not a single person has been deported to Iraq. And thanks to the resistance of our movement both in and out of the court, their cases, like thousands of other people’s cases from all over the world are clogging up the immigration courts, delaying deportations. Now ICE has declared a policy of not releasing anyone from detention while people are awaiting their court proceedings, hoping to demoralize and wear people down so they will sign their own deportation papers rather than stay in detention awaiting a fight they feel they can’t win. Young people like Oswaldo and DACA youth have been at the forefront of the movement for immigrant rights. We can make Oswaldo’s case an example for stopping this next attempt of Trump to deport thousands of people to countries where they will face certain death.

TRUMP MUST GO! A weak Trump administration crumbling in the White House, with an untamed Trump demagogue that cannot hold his tongue or twitter fingers, who now openly defends KKK and fascist terror, with his most vicious supporters cowering in their houses and fuming on the internet cannot be sustained. Now is the time to defeat him once and for all, to stop all the deportations, to win equal rights, dignity and freedom for all immigrants.

At this Thursday’s court hearing, Federal Immigration Judge Mark Jebson will decide whether to grant Oswaldo asylum or to deport him. Our movement has already shown we can win if we mobilize. Your attendance and leadership can make the difference – tell all your friends, cousins, parents, neighbors!

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